A Typical Haunt: The USS North Carolina

Keeping it on the coast in today’s entry, about the USS North Carolina.

The city of Wilmington sits on the water in North Carolina. It’s by no means a small town, what with its population of well over 300,000. Hollywood has chosen this city as a place to film numerous movies and television shows. Ironman 3 will be at least partially filmed there. UNC-Wilmington is just one of the colleges that makes this city its home, and its historic downtown is one you should probably visit, if you’re ever in the area.

If you go, please be sure to visit the USS North Carolina.

It sits in the water, quite close to the downtown area. It does function now as a memorial and museum, and a pretty big one at that. A few places are still closed off, but you can make your way through most of the ship unhindered, starting with the deck. You descend into the bowels of The Showboat, and see how men lived and worked during the Second World War. Make sure you go on a day when it’s not too hot, because there is no air conditioning in the ship, and it can get quite warm.

I’ve had my share of trips to the memorial, and often the school groups tend to hurry through. Whether that was a result of time or claustrophobia, I’m not sure.

I was doing some research for this blog on haunted places in North Carolina, and I was quite delighted to discover that the old lady has a few reported hauntings of her own.

The tragedy of the hauntings is the same with any. People died on this ship. Now, at least for the North Carolina, a total of ten men perished aboard her,  which is pretty good for use during WWII. But most of the men aboard were young, and it hurts a little when I realize that the men who died were quite possibly younger than me. And so things remain behind on the Showboat.

One man has been there to witness many of the haunted events that take place at night, long after the museum is closed and the tourists go home. That man is Danny Bradshaw, who serves as the night watchman on the ship, since 1976. According to him, only two of the 10 men remain behind. One walks through the hallways of the ship, about his duties forever. I imagine his gait filled with purpose. One woman has reported that this man even came up to her and her friends and asked them to be careful, some places could be dangerous. Another man’s face will often gaze at guests through the portholes. Danny Bradshaw says that he feels two different types of presences there. One good, and one bad.

I guess it’s up to you to decide.

Louisville Ghost Hunters Report

Wilmington News Article

Haunted NC Reports on the Battleship


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