Our Weird World Special Edition: The Baltic Anomaly

So what do yall think is going on in the Baltic Sea these days?

I was going to do a piece on the Moon-eyed People, an old Cherokee legend, but all this stuff about that supposed UFO in the Baltic Sea has really got me sidetracked.


This guy right here.


I would like an earlier update on what the team in the Baltic found. I’ll be honest, it sort of looks like a hatch.

But to what?

Yes, it could be just a really weird and very perfect shape formed by the Earth’s crust. But until the team down there gives us a more specific update, all we’re getting is messages like “there’s definitely something mysterious down there.”

Wasn’t that why they dived in the first place?

All snark aside, I’m pretty interested in this case. I remember first seeing the sonar image, and I thought it was pretty cool. I never expected anyone to actually go down there and check it out. I really want to know what they find, but apparently, the findings won’t be released until next week.


So what could this weirdness be?

Here’s a few ideas.

The mission is fictional and acting as viral marketing for Ridley Scott’s film Prometheus, to get people talking and searching and things. However, it is a Ridley Scott film and people are already inclined to talk about his work, this one especially, as is the case. Second, viral marketing often starts quite a bit ahead of time, not the day of the premiere. People are already going to see it anyway.

It’s an actual alien craft that crash landed on the Baltic Sea and sank. It needn’t be a whole ship; that could just be a piece of the hull. There is a “crash-track” beside the circle, but that would mean it was more of a submarine type of craft. A fast one, apparently. Steven Spielberg’s 2005 War of the Worlds comes to mind.

It might be a leftover from failed Nazi experiments. Hitler was known to have bad ideas and then throw a tantrum when they weren’t implemented in a timely manner. It’s really no more or less possible than an alien craft, but the problem is that it would require launch from pretty far away, the ability to make it far enough to crash in the Baltic Sea, and a huge mass to make a crash track and sink so quickly, especially being saucer shaped. It would perhaps no longer be a saucer shape after that.

Another option is the one offered that the round thing could be a hot spring leaving mineral deposits behind that would make that shape. But the circle is so perfectly round, which is why it’s so weird.

It appears that the thing, whatever it is, is actually there and something not quite like anything the divers have seen before.

Back to my hatch theory.

If it’s a hatch, then that of course means it’s a door. But where would this door lead? Remember my theories on doors between worlds, ways to cross the divide between places? Disappearances for which there are a few explanations, but no one’s ever sure, abound in history. The Devil’s Tramping Ground, Roanoke Island Colony, and even that unassuming Beaufort cemetery all point to the utter strangeness of such a gate. I’ll go ahead and give you a little preview for the moon-eyed people post. They were said to come from underground.

What if they were just coming from somewhere else?

So as the world watches for a report on what’s known as the Baltic Anomaly, I’ll keep an eye on the weirdness. Maybe it’s nothing.

But maybe it’s the biggest something ever.


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