Our Weird World: They Hid Their Secrets Here

Is there a mystery? What’s going on?

I’ll stay online this time, with a look at a strange Tumblr I’ve discovered.

The title of this Tumblr is “They Hid Their Secrets Here.” It first came to my attention some months ago, and I shared it on my Facebook page in May. It’s not updated very often, but it caught my attention simply because its method of update seems a little out of place on Tumblr. It has few photographs, save for a couple that were reblogged from other Tumblrs. About half of the material is made up of short, enigmatic posts, some of which play off the post titles. The rest of the posts are longer, with personal anecdotes and what seems like it might be a transcript. Two of the stories reference a location in North Carolina, one of them being so specific as to mention Wilson County.

Whoever is writing this, it looks like they are willing to publicly answer questions submitted to them. It’s something I might try. The only thing is, I can’t figure out how the information on the site fits together. Is it an art project? Something more? It could be a community forum, but of what, I don’t know.

If anyone has any ideas, leave them in the comments. Also, it looks like it might not hurt to ask questions of the person or people who are writing They Hid Their Secrets Here.

Again, below is the link for the Tumblr. I look forward to your ideas!



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