Does the strange flying creature have a normal explanation, or is something else going on here? This week, we’re heading north to West Virginia, looking out for glowing eyes in the sky and a winged individual who’s taken a place in American lore.

The facts seem to be pretty straightforward with regards to the events surrounding the appearances of the Mothman. It all began on November 12, 1966, in a Clendenin West Virginia graveyard. Five men were on the task of digging a grave that night, when something strange happened. Someone flew by overhead, clearly a man with a distinguishing feature: wings.

Whoever he might have been, he stuck around for a few days. I twas on November 15, 1966, when he was seen again. This time, the Mothman chose an old TNT plant in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The witnesses this time were four friends driving together near the plant, wings on his back and eyes glowing. Whoever he was, he moved with an unnatural speed, somehow managing to keep up with the car when the driver sped up.

There were other sightings, one in which he terrorized a woman outside of her car.

Of course they called the police. Wouldn’t you?

But he escaped.

The next year, on December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge collapsed into the Ohio River. The mysterious Mothman, was linked to the tragedy, mostly because he wasn’t seen again.

So who was he?

Perhaps you wonder why I am using “who” and “he” as though there might be some ordinary explanation available.

That’s because I believe there is.

Certainly, the legend of the Mothman is strange and colorful and a little spooky. The idea of his possibly otherworldly origin feeds the imagination.

But what if it was just a man?

What if the Mothman was just some guy trying out a glider? What if his eyes didn’t glow? Even if they did seem to do so, what if that had an explanation based firmly on Earth?

It’s interesting to consider the possibility. That Mothman was there all along. That he was a neighbor, with an unusual hobby, and maybe a thick pair of glasses.


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