Southern Weird: Altamaha-ha

The more you look, the more it appears that good old Nessie seems to have a very large family.

Headed south this time to the waterways of southern Georgia.

It might be the fact that people tend to find dinosaurs fascinating that leads to the numerous sightings of lake and water monsters around the world. Ultimately, dinosaurs are mysterious. We don’t know exactly what they looked like, so it would be pretty cool to see one, for instance, a Tyrannosaurus Rex still around. At least I think so.

Perhaps that’s why people are eager to claim that something unexpected might be living in the waters, shy and only glimpsed by the locals, never seen up close or clearly. Altamaha-ha, Georgia’s own mysterious aquatic inhabitant, is no different.

Altie, as it’s also called, sounds like what might be called a sea serpent, one that only lets a little of itself be seen, if at all, and maybe that’s by accident. It makes its home in McIntosh County, Georgia. Altie is said to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 feet long, though some reports do allow for a shorter distance. If Altie is prowling around in the waters of Georgia, a green hide might let it stay hidden.

What might Altamaha-ha be? Is it an alligator? Is it, perhaps, an alligator gar, as Hank Bart of Tulane University believes? The possibility always exists that it’s a known animal, but how would that account for the size?

Are the dinosaurs of our imaginations just shy, and is Altamaha-ha one of them?

Could there be more than one of Altie?

And, if there is, where did they come from?

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