The Montauk Project

I believe it’s most definitely an understatement to say that conspiracy theories about secret government projects are abundant. This is even more true considering that the Internet exists and spreads a lot of these theories and rumors through blogs, emails, and other outlets every day.

But it certainly is fun to think about the possibilities, and even consider the possibilities that something very interesting indeed might have been going on.

Headed to Long Island this week for the interesting, possibly fictional, story of the Montauk Project.

Montauk Air Force Base is abandoned and has not been used for quite some time now, since 1981. This may sound quite mysterious unless you know that it’s now known as Camp Hero State Park and seems to be quite lovely.

Its past remains, however, in this structure still remaining there.


Nice, isn’t it?

According to the story, now widely spread but possibly originating from a Mr. Preston Nichols, the Montauk Project focused on psychological warfare and time travel. (See Wikipedia.) He even wrote a book about it, connecting the Montauk Project to the Philadelphia Experiment. It’s fairly easy to believe that he made up a fantastic story. The government’s tendency to keep things classified (and Montauk’s radar role in the Cold War) means that we aren’t likely to get the real story any time soon, if at all.

So the theories take prominence, mostly out of not knowing. That Montauk Air Force Base was sort of like an East Coast Area 51, with lots of stuff going on, just hidden.1

The more rational folks writing about this theory do bring up the point that there’s just no proof or logic behind the theories as to how things are hidden.2

So. Could the government have had a secret project going on in Montauk, all those years ago? Possibly. Certainly, if you start with the fact that the government just simply keeps things classified anyway. That fact, however, doesn’t stop the theories and stories and the inventions of our very imaginative human minds.




1. Oliver Peterson, “Camp Hero and the Montauk Mystery,” Dan’s Papers, June 5, 2014,

2. Aaron Sakulich, “The Montauk Project,” The Iron Skeptic, accessed February 6, 2016,


One response

  1. Hyeon Seojun

    The Montauk Project was most definitely fiction. For one thing there has been a number of visits carried out at the Montauk AFB site where Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scans have been done and on each occasion they have found no evidence of any underground base or tunnel networks. So the lie that was propagated that under Montauk AFB was a huge deep underground military base, is complete rubbish. Then over at the Bielek Debunked website, the team of excellent researchers there has found the whole backstory invented by Alfred Bielek, that became known as the Philadelphia Experiment, was all completely fake and made up by him. So when Preston Nichols then made up his Montauk Project fantasy world, there were some aspects of truth to his statements concerning kinds of science and technology, but most of Nichol’s information is rehashed science fiction from film and television. So one set of lies was used by Preston Nichols to invent another load of lies. Out of all the individuals associated with the Montauk Project, the biggest liar and deceiver has always been Stewart Swerdlow. His involvement with the Montauk Project was obviously zero and that has been clearly proven by the constant statements of Duncan Roads, the Nexus Magazine editor.

    You have to remember that Stewart Swerdlow made up his entire backstory about being on the Montauk Project to gain fame and attention for himself. At the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in February 1999, in Daytona, Florida, Stewart Swerdlow approached Alfred Bielek who was talking with Duncan Roads, the Nexus Magazine editor in the foyer of the main building where the GSC was being held. In front of hundreds of attendees there, and Dean Stonier, the con man Stewart Swerdlow then accused Al Bielek of making up the Philadelphia Experiment. He then reacted aggressively and Bielek and Swerdlow got into a small argument. Alfred Bielek wanted to punch Stewart Swerdlow in the face. Swerdlow then suggested he would like to connect the fake Philadelphia Experiment to his own fake backstory concerning what Swerdlow called the ‘Montauk Project’. Swerdlow wanted to further embellish his fake backstory to make himself look legitimate. Because Stewart Swerdlow had a criminal record from 1992, he was mainly shunned by the New Age Community. Therefore Stewart Swerdlow is a con artist, a fraud, a charlatan and a disinformer. Now that Al Bielek and Preston Nichols are gone, only Swerdlow keeps the Montauk Project Mythos going as a marketing gimmick at Expansions.

    Another example of how Stewart Swerdlow is a charlatan, a liar and a deceiver is when he mentions the disinformation about Yakov Sverdlov being his great-uncle. Stewart Swerdlow was never related to Yakov Sverdlov and Swerdlow does not have Russian ancestry. Swerdlow’s ancestry comes from Belarus and Poland. Many people know Stewart Swerdlow’s family never originated from Russia in the first place because researchers have done his genealogy which clearly shows this. Yakov Sverdlov was also never the first head of state of the Soviet Communist Party in Russia because he died in 1919 and the Soviet Union was not established until 1922. Swerdlow is therefore simply hoodwinking and tricking gullible people and nothing more with his fantastical backstories. Everything about Stewart Swerdlow is just one large monumental lie from beginning to end. Swerdlow is so fixated on using his Soviet Union connections marketing gimmick that many attendees to his dubious public talks say he speaks with a mock Russian accent which then gives him an air of legitimacy, when Swerdlow is in reality a con man who only cares about his own egocentric based fame.

    Look at how Swerdlow tells everyone he is one of the world’s ‘foremost hyperspace intuitives’. Yet Swerdlow plagiarized his Language of Hyperspace information from a half American Indian, half German, blind social worker called Maryanne Johnston. She was a real ET experiencer, clairvoyant and shaman. Maryanne Johnston shared all her hyperspace archetype information with Stewart Swerdlow who simply plagiarized her knowledge and intertwined that with his fake Montauk Project backstory. How about another example of the continual stage act that Stewart Swerdlow has created to dupe people with? Remember Swerdlow stated that he was blind for 29 years before he could see properly again in 1999. Stewart Swerdlow said he could only see in ‘swirls of energy’. Then how could he have worked at a food wholesalers whilst blind in 1990 and 1991? Then he published Montauk: The Alien Connection in January 1998. How could he have written that load of disinformation and plagiarized material if he was blind until 1999? People like Corey Goode have never come close to telling absolute crappola like that. Only Swerdlow the wannabe and fantasist could do that. So everything about the Montauk Project is nothing but lies and Swerdlow continues deceiving everyone to try and preserve his reputation, even though most people know he is fake.

    February 17, 2019 at 12:03 pm

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