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Black Creek and the Mysterious Light

A light on the tracks, where there shouldn’t be one…

Staying local this week with a tale straight from the town of Black Creek, North Carolina.

When I was a child, my dad told me the spooky story of a mysterious light that seemed to haunt the train tracks in the small town of Black Creek, in Wilson County. As the story goes, a man met with an unfortunate end on those tracks. The culprit?

A train, of course.

In the story my dad told me, the owner of the head still wanders the tracks, looking for his lost head, armed with a lantern, the only evidence that observers can see. I’ve never seen the sight myself.

The Maco Light in Wilmington is another tale of a tragic railroad death, and the never-ending unrest of the victim. I first read of the Maco Light in a book by Nancy Roberts, but the location was wrong. The Black Creek version, of course, had to come from somewhere. Recently, an article appeared in the Wilson Times (the Wilson NC newspaper) featuring some residents recounting the legend.

Are there really ghosts? I’ve shared some of my thoughts on haunted places before, more than once. I still hold that view.

I think that for every ghost light we see, there are many perfectly logical explanations. Of course, logical does not have to mean anything less than extraordinary. There are reasons for things, but those reasons might catch us off guard. How much of the unexplained is just stuff that’s always been there, just without us knowing?

What would happen if we got a full explanation that we weren’t prepared for?

Certainly something to think about.


Help Out a Small Local Museum

No weirdness today, folks, just a little about a local museum that would love your help with some funding needs.

I’ve written some about Wilson North Carolina here before, when I discussed the Whirligigs. It’s a pretty small town, with about 50,000 residents, and honestly, there’s not much to do there. Thankfully, they have the Imagination Station. Here’s their website

Right now it’s a hands-on science museum focused mostly towards kids elementary through middle school aged students. They offer programs in the old courtroom on the second floor (the building was once a post office and a federal court house) and the rest of the museum is exhibits. Third floor is dedicated to Coastal Plains history. Lots of schools come through this museum during the school year, and families traveling I-95 during the summers often make a point to stop in the museum on their way north or south. It’s a fun, busy, bustling museum that would very much love to grow into something even better with the help of a permanent exhibit that they want to install. They want to offer area schools even better programs, and they want to provide something amazing to the people of Wilson.

Enter Science on a Sphere. ( It’s a really really great kind of exhibit that can afford all kinds of neat opportunities to museums and organizations that have it. In short, it’s a 68 inch diameter globe, four projectors, Ubuntu, iOS, and dozens of free-for-use programs about everything from space to geology to weather. Here’s a pic, courtesy NOAA.


In many ways, Science on a Sphere is a reverse planetarium, and the Imagination Station would love to install one. The only problem is that Science on a Sphere is expensive. Imagination Station needs to raise $100,000 to match a grant in the same amount.

Are you local, or from the area originally? Maybe you want to make sure kids have a great science education. Maybe you’d like to help inspire the first man or woman who stands on Mars. Maybe you just want to give back to your community, and help small towns grow.

The Imagination Station is a great museum, and what they’re trying to do is really awesome. I’ve posted a link to their information page regarding the Science Rediscovered Campaign. Eventually, they’d like to make the entire museum really fantastic, so take a look at the PDf of their plans. I’ve also put a link to their contributions page on

Please consider giving to this museum. If everyone gives $5, think what could happen.

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